A Photo Book Project

Educator: Kai-Olaf Hesse

15th & 16th November – 7pm – 10pm
17th November – 10am – 6pm
Fees: $380
Limited to 15 people

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This workshop addresses the prerequisites for the content and design of an image series, which shall then be brought together to construct a photo book. On the basis of participant’s own works and books, the workshop will discuss possibilities and critical aspects in regard to the presentation of photographs in book form.

For whom?

Professional photographers, students of photography and art, artists using photography, interested amateurs and other interested parties with knowledge of photographic practice. Applicants should bring photographic work with which they want to make a book, or already finished photo books they want to discuss in the workshop.


  • Each participant will contribute a body of work or previously finished book(s). These will be critically discussed in regard to their transformation into book form.
  • Introduction to the basic outlines of book design and production. Critical support and input to each participant’s book making process.
  • Introduction and discussion of content-, technique-, practice-, and theory related aspects of book making which will support the successful production of a book project in practice.
  • Current developments and positions within the contemporary photo book market will be introduced and viewed in regard of their historic context.
  • The theory-content of one’s own photographic practice will be discussed in light of this constituting a conceptual cornerstone for a photo book.
  • General aspects of re-presentation of images in a book in relation to “photographs” versus “book project” will be discussed.
  • Developing of a critical creative practice.
  • Developing an understanding of the professional practice of book production.


Kai-Olaf Hesse is a photographer and works since 1996 also as a book designer for publishers, museums, artists and other institutions. He has contributed to more than 30 book productions and also worked on several personal photographic projects which were conceived as and have later resulted in books.

Seminar Structure

  • Key lecture on the contemporary photo book scene
  • Imparting of the technical framework (i.e. format, reproduction- and production processes etc.) in regard to the individual project.
  • Constructive and critical group discussions on participant’s works
  • Possibility for individual critique