About Us

Our Mission

Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) is a biennial gathering of minds from around the world with the common pursuit to advance the art and appreciation of photography. It aims to be a much needed arena for critical thought and academic discourse on photography in Southeast Asia. SIPF will also function as a key platform to discover, nurture, and propel Southeast Asian photographers onto the international stage. Through its satellite programmes, the festival hopes to engage the public and cultivate a larger audience. At the core of SIPF is a firm belief that photography can be enjoyed by all.

Director’s Message

“Everything you do, every thought you have, every word you say, creates a memory that you will hold in your body. It’s imprinted on you and affects you in subtle ways – ways you are not always aware of. With that in mind, be very conscious and selective.” – Phylicia Rashad, Tony Award-winning actress and singer

Behind every action are thoughts, ideas and opinions that seem to conspire into a plot. Perhaps as explained by Rashad, each action creates a memory so powerful that it stays in our lives and affects us in unconscious ways. A photograph acts like a surrogate – a mother for memory, a portal to understanding the world and within it lies an incredible ability to move and impact each of us with endless possibilities.

Themed The Infinity, the 4th edition of Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) holds boundless prospects, but not without perilous challenges and uncertainties. This year, the organising committee took a leap of faith in creating a permanent (change to “dynamic”. DECK is not permanent, right?)modular space for photography – DECK. It will be Singapore’s first container art space built for people and photography. People matter, because the gathering of individuals brings out the best of each other. DECK fulfils this purpose to not only nurture youth but to also act as a platform in promoting photography in this region.

Partnerships and collaborations are the biggest breakthroughs for the team. SIPF’s collaboration with Noorderlicht International Photofestival in the Netherlands opened opportunities for artists to exhibit their works at both festivals on 2 different continents. Within our shores, we are excited to partner ArtScience Museum, Singapore Art Museum and Goethe-Institut in putting together notable exhibitions. We are also honoured to be the first in Singapore to bring works by renowned German photographer Hilla Becher to DECK. In continuing our community outreach programmes, we have reaffirmed our commitment towards student education in 2014 by expanding the programme to a year-long endeavour.

While we are caught in the frenzy of creation, we have not forgotten the generosity and support from countless individuals and local corporations who have come on board in making the event possible. We are grateful for their contributions which have set many dreams in motion.

We hope the 4th edition of SIPF would continue to inspire and create a lasting impression for everyone.

Warm Regards,
Gwen Lee

P.S. – Visit us at DECK, 116 Prinsep Street. There will be an interesting lineup of photography programmes for everyone, see you there!

The Team

Co-Founder, Director Gwen Lee
Co-Founder, Production Director Jay Lau
Festival Executive Dawn Yeong
Education and Resource Manager Kong Yen Lin
Exhibition Assistant Liana Yang
Festival Coordinator Mary Bernadette Lee
Hospitality Lim Su Fang
Festival Intern Mark Lim
Graphic Design Vanessa Ban
Web Developer Carrie Yeo
PR Agency Audrey K. and Tinaga A. from O’lief Pte Ltd